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Artists And Illustrators Magazine

Artists and Illustrators magazine is a monthly publication that is geared towards the professional illustrator and artist. It contains masses of information on some of the latest projects and competitions, as well as how to guides that can help you to improve existing skills or develop new ones, and there are regular features on other artists, particular genres or styles of art, and there are artist profiles as well as a marketplace that enables people to buy unique art that has not been seen anywhere else before. By subscribing, you can develop your skills, enjoy reading about a topic that truly interests you, and find out about any upcoming events, exhibitions, and competitions within your field.

Buying Guides

Whether you’re looking for the best sketch pads, the most vibrant water colours, or even the best artist app for the iPad, you can find regular guides to help ensure that you buy the best materials and pick up the best products to help you in pursuit of your love. Buying guides ultimately help you to choose the best item for your needs, and you will find a vast range of quality products that not only include paints and brushes, but also canvases, easels, and a host of other accessories.

Art And Illustration News

Whether it is the latest exhibition, news of a retiring illustrator, or anything else related to either art or illustrating, you will find editorials that cover every major piece of news that is relevant to the industry within the Artists and Illustrators magazine. Some of the pieces may provide inspiration, others may indicate an opportunity for sales, while some are simply informative and interesting.

Events And Exhibitions

Many events and exhibitions take place across the country, as well as around the world, every single month, and with a subscription to the magazine, you will be able to attend all of those that are relevant to the industry and area in which you specialise. Find details of when they are happening, read previews of what you can expect to see, and read a roundup and review of events that have passed, as well as finding out details of how to book, how to get there, and what to enjoy.

Profiles And Editorials

There are many regular features within the pages of the magazine, including competitions that you can enter and those that you can judge for yourself. There are profiles of well known, industry leading, and up and coming artists too. Guides and how to guides also pack the pages so that you can advance your own skills, or maybe even pick up on a few tips to help you get started in a new direction with your artwork.

Artists And Illustrators Subscription

Only with a subscription to Artists and Illustrators magazine can you ensure that you won’t miss out on a single issue, or a single article, about your favourite topic. Whether you make a living as an artist, or you simply love to illustrate, subscribe today and enjoy savings when compared to paying the cover price of the magazine.


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