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Classic Car Weekly Magazine

Classic Car Weekly magazine is a weekly publication that offers news, guides, classified ads, and information on where to find classic car parts, in a weekly digest. You can subscribe to ensure that you always have access to the best cars and the best parts, as well as the best information, and you can give a subscription as the ideal gift to the classic car enthusiast in your life.

Top Ten

Every weekly issue includes guides and helpful articles, including top 10 lists. Whether this is the top ten roads to drive in your classic sports car, or the top ten classic cars that every enthusiast should have the opportunity to drive before they die, you are bound to find enjoyable and high quality content that is relevant to you. There are also stories from other, real life classic owners, and these can give you greater insight and more information on what it is like to own certain types of classic car, and what you should be looking for when you buy.

Classified Ads

Arguably the most important part of the magazine is the classified ads section. Buying a classic means that you should look around to get the best deal, you should ensure that you check it out before you purchase, and you will also need to find all of the right parts and accessories when making any repairs or affecting any improvements or upgrades. The classified ads in Classic Car Weekly magazine provide you with access to all of these and more.


There are many obvious pitfalls and potential traps when buying an old classic, and what looks like an absolute steal on paper, could turn out to need a bottomless pit of cash thrown at it just to keep it resembling its original design. By reading and utilising the guides that are in the Classic Car Weekly publication, you can give yourself a greater chance of being able to find a car in top quality, and you can pick up on some of the tips and tricks that will prove most beneficial when you are upgrading your car.


Every magazine includes at least one hefty feature article. The feature article may be timely or topical, or it could be a burning or pressing issue that is on the minds of car owners across the country. A roundup of classic car news from the past year, a list of the most expensive classic cars ever sold, or some of the most common issues faced by classic car owners are some of the features that have been featured previously. You will also find details of classic car meets, events, and exhibitions, allowing you to meet likeminded people, show off your own car, or enjoy taking a look around a collection of some of the best and most loved models.

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Classic car ownership is more than a hobby, and it requires considerable commitment. If you are the type of person that spends your nights researching cars to buy, your days looking for your next project, and your weekends at classic car meets, then subscribe to Classic Car Weekly magazine to ensure that you never miss out, and to ensure that you have the magazine to match your own obsession.


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