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Complete Cardmaking Magazine is a unique monthly publication that not only offers assistance and guides on how to make cards but how to do so digitally. The majority of cardmaking magazines show how to use a range of card and other materials in order to combine them and make a stunning card but no other magazine offers digital design techniques and a free CD ROM every single month that includes everything you need to be able to create and print the best digitally designed cards right from the comfort of your own home.


More and more of us have turned to home computers, laptops, and tablet PCs to perform an increasingly varied range of tasks. We work from home, communicate with friends and family, catch up with the latest goings on, and we even do our regular shopping online using our computers. It stands to reason that, as we become more proficient in the use of computers, that we extend their use to include a greater selection of tasks and activities. Cardmaking is really just the latest in a long line of tasks to go digital.

Make Beautiful Cards Digitally

Making cards digitally does offer certain advantages. No matter how good you are at cutting out and sticking, homemade cards have a tendency to look amateur and homemade. Through years of practice you may be able to improve upon their appearance or you can start working digitally. Creating designs and working with the designs provided by Complete Cardmaking Magazine every month you can make some of the best looking and most unique card designs.

Digital News

News about digital design and upcoming holidays can help provide inspiration while tales of success of the digital cardmaker can spur you to further action. There are a surprising number of news articles and stories that are available within the digital cardmaking industry and you can enjoy access to high quality, well presented, and extremely appealing articles on these and other topics.

Product Reviews And Guides

Even when you design digitally, there will come a time when you want to print your cards and use the best quality equipment to do so. You can read reviews of the latest digital products, like printers and computers, as well as the physical media that will be needed to print the cards, such as the card itself, paper, and other items. Designing a card digitally does not mean that your design will never see the light of day so be prepared to create high quality and beautifully attractive cards along the way too.

Tutorials, Guides, And Cardmaking Inspiration

The CD ROM that is included with every issue includes guides and information on how best to create some of the most attractive and appealing designs. You can use these ideas as your own, combine them with other design ideas, or use them for inspiration. You may pick up a few tips and simple tricks on how best to achieve specific looks and by using this information you can enjoy creating great looking cards that are ideal for giving to any recipient to help celebrate any occasion or mark any milestone.

Complete Cardmaking Magazine Subscription

Your Complete Cardmaking Magazine subscription gives you access to every monthly issue of the magazine including the CD ROM on the cover. You will receive numerous guides and tips, as well as informative how to information. Scour the pages of the magazine and search the CD ROM and you will be able to enjoy creating some of the best looking cards that are relevant for any recipient and any event or occasion.


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