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Mobile Europe Magazine

Mobile Europe magazine is a trade industry magazine geared towards the mobile market. While it does include details of the latest phone releases and even news on the latest technology and accessories, it is geared primarily towards the mobile business rather than the end consumer. If your business is involved in the mobile industry, then you will find everything that you need in order to keep your business at the top of its game. Read about news regarding handsets, networks, technologies, and emerging trends. Discover what buyers and mobile users are doing with their mobiles, and access analyst reports predicting the future of the mobile industry.

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When you subscribe to Mobile Europe magazine you sign up to have every issue of the journal delivered to your office as soon as it is published, which means that you will have timely access to the most relevant and important news in your industry.


The mobile industry obviously relies on a range of handsets, and while a lot of the media frenzy concentrates on the latest flagship models, these are not necessarily the biggest sellers or the biggest money makers, and Mobile Europe includes release details and information on a wide range of model types.

Technology, Trends, And More

However, the industry is not only about the mobile handsets that are being used. You can also read about relevant, emerging technologies, the latest bandwidth topics, and predictions from some of the biggest and best known analysts and companies within the mobile arena.

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If your business works in the mobile industry, if you create apps for mobile devices, or if you work within the mobile industry yourself, a subscription to Mobile Europe enables you to keep abreast of the latest news stories, features, trends, and information relevant to you.


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