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The proliferation of devices like tablets, and the affordability of laptops as well as other technical equipment means that many more people dabble in music recording, mixing, and producing than ever before. If you take your music seriously, then Music Tech magazine is a good read for you because it includes articles and guides on how to achieve the best results, it offers reviews on some of the best hardware and software options available, and it even includes a DVD that includes samples from the professionals as well as free software and demos of full software packages.

The Magazine

Subscribe to Music Tech and you can build up a library of useful articles and helpful guides, as well as a portfolio of samples and your own knowledge of the technology that helps to get music made, recorded, and produced. You will even receive every issue delivered straight to your door.


There are many music applications, pieces of software, and desks and hardware items that can be used in the creation, the recording, and the production of music, and knowing which one to buy can prove a real minefield. Reading the unbiased and honest reviews in Music Tech can help ensure that you make the right decision and buy the items that best meet your needs.

Guides And The DVD

The magazine is also packed full of tutorials, guides, and instructions on how to achieve the best results and how to make the music that you want to, while the DVD includes samples from the professionals and even free software that you can use to further your development.

Music Tech Magazine Subscriptions

With a subscription to Music Tech magazine, you can learn new techniques, master those that you have some knowledge of, and you can ensure that you invest in the best equipment and the best software for your music production needs.


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