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PC Advisor Magazine comes with essential advice for PC owners. This magazine covers topics like computer hardware, software, security, broadband, printers, mobile systems, system upgrades, etc. In short, this PC magazine is essential choice read for home and office. It tells you in detail about everything you need to know about getting the best out of your computers.

Product Reviews

The writers of this magazine comes up with extensive reviews of software and hardware products. You will read in detail about mobile phones, cameras, printers, monitors, memory, hard discs, etc. There are also reviews of all essential software, games and utilities. The reviewers use the different products and tell you in detail how they perform and if it is worth spending the money and time on the products. With straight inference, you know instantly whether or not to go for specific products and software solutions. You will read about the handheld devices, laptops, photo/image software, printers, etc.

You will also find some nice reviews of all the video games available in the market. You will read about the games, the quality of graphics, sound, etc from gamers who are enthusiastic about playing games and telling about their experience.


The magazine also reaches your hands with the best coverage of news updates from the world of computers. You can read about latest threats like viruses and worms, new software, new release of hardware and a lot more. You can read about the latest trends taking place in the world of computers and peripherals.

Workshops, Tutorials & Tips

You will also find some tutorials or workshops. They are usually around installing hardware, setting up security systems, protecting your PC against various threats, etc. You will also find tutorials to use image editing software, changing the looks of your desktop and several activities that are both fun and productive.

Cover DVD

The free DVD that comes with the magazine has several new software suites. You will find both full version and trial version software. Sometimes you can find dozens of different essential tools for your computer. The software can be image/photo management software, PC & internet security tools, etc. The prices of the software are worth several times the price of the magazine. The cover DVD alone is worth several times the price you pay for the magazine.

Subscribe to PC Advisor Magazine

This magazine is the most essential read you can get, when it comes to making the best out of your home or office computers. You will find advice on essential software, system maintenance, computer security and more. Also find the question and answers sections, which have the writers answering all your questions related to operating systems, software, hardware problems and everything related to using your computer. Subscribe to this magazine and keep your computer in great condition and always make the best out of it.

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