Localrider Magazine the equestrian title for the local rider in the South East

Local Rider Magazine is the equestrian magazine that is the favourite read for equestrian enthusiasts from Kent, Success, Surrey and Hampshire. Just as the name suggests, it is a local magazine concentrating on the show news and show reports from these areas. There are several dozens of excellent photographs from the events, of the horses and their houses. It is a glossy publication that covers the events in detail. It covers national level equestrian events too. The rider profiles, news from grassroots, and a lot more. The writers of the magazine are also horse owners and participants of local and national level equestrian events.

Horses for Sale

The one important reason why people read this magazine is the extensive classifieds section, which focuses on the local region. There are several dozens of ads by owners, who are looking to sell their horses. If you are an equestrian enthusiast, you will find this classifieds section extremely helpful. You will find about all the different horses currently available for sale. You can also list your horse for sale, if you choose to. The ads are highly targeted to a very limited geographical area, which also makes it a better experience.

News Updates

All the different equestrian related events are covered in detail by the writers of this magazine. You will find news from the grassroots level. You will also find news updates from all the major events at the national level. The main focus on local events and developments, you will also read in detail about the upcoming stars in the equestrian scene.

Rider Profiles

There are some good rider profiles. Most probably, you will come across riders you already know personally or have the chances of coming across. Nicely presented rider profiles tell you about the people currently active in the scene. They are also accompanied by some good photosets, which tell you about the locations and outdoors that you too can try.

High quality photographs and extensive local coverage makes this equestrian magazine a special experience. Read in detail, what is happening in your area, in the equestrian scene. Also find the best rides and tracks, which you can hit during various events and occasions. A complete read for equestrian enthusiasts.

Subscribe to Local Rider Magazine

If you want the most detailed equestrian news coverage from your area, and news from the whole of England’s equestrian events, rest assured this magazine is a good read you can enjoy. Reaching your hands with rider profiles, top quality photographs and reports from grassroots level, this magazine guarantees you a special read on equestrian events and specialties. You will find about all the riding events, competitions and other events where you can find, buy or exchange horses or horse related products. Subscribe to this magazine and enjoy a special read that you really don’t want to miss.

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