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Cosmopolitan Monthly Magazine is number one premier lifestyle women’s publication. Published be Hearst, this magazine reaches your doormat once in a month tightly packed with topics related to women. This magazine is published in around 58 languages including English, French, German, Spain, etc. All women who look forward to enjoy the finest things in life find this magazine an excellent read. The entire team working behind the success of this magazine has in depth knowledge about various women’s topics and carries all latest news and up to date information, in depth and informative articles, authoritative and independent reviews, exclusive and inspiring talks, essential and expert advice, horoscope and lots more. Along with all these high quality and well-written contents this magazine carries stunning and fascinating photographs. With all these ingredients this magazine has become very popular and special among all women.

Cosmopolitan MagazineCosmopolitan Magazine

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Latest fashion trends and up to date information

Every issue of this magazine comes with snippets of all latest news and up to date information from the world of fashion, beauty, food, homemaking, relation ships, health, career etc. It gives brief description on all new fashion trends, beauty products, financial services etc. It is a valuable source for all readers.

In depth and informative articles

A wide variety of in depth and informative articles wait for you in this magazine. The magazine covers various aspects of many topics related to women. This magazine is a unique mix of men and relationship. It includes articles on fashion, beauty, health, personal finance, homemaking, relationships, sex, travel, lifestyle, career and lots more. All these features are well-written and professionally presented. This magazine is a single comprehensive resource for all women.

Authoritative and independent reviews

Reviews are the best part of this magazine. There is an expert team that comes with authoritative and independent reviews on all new beauty products. Each issue helps readers to learn more about the new cosmetic products, herbal cosmetics, mineral cosmetics, etc.

Exclusive and inspiring talks

Interviews with your favorite celebrities are included in this magazine. The magazine talks with the celebrities about their fashion trends, beauty products etc and shares their experience with the readers.

Essential advice and top tips

The expert panel brings essential advice and top tips related to fashion, beauty, sex, relationship, love, career, personal finance, lifestyle, homemaking, food etc. This section is very useful and informative for all readers. You can also write into this magazine and get accurate and informative answers for all your queries related to these topics.


If you need to know about your future, then here is a section for star prediction. It helps to know about your life.

Great pictures

This magazine is famous for its stunning and fascinating photography of new fashion trends, celebrities, homes, etc. It makes this magazine attractive and interesting.

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