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Apps Magazine is a monthly publication that is designed for Apple and Android users that have realised the full benefits that apps have to offer. Whether you are a mobile phone app or a tablet PC app user you will be able to enjoy reviews for all the latest and most beneficial apps on your chosen device and your chosen platform. Whether you are looking for a convenient way to plan a wedding, you love nothing more than playing zombie games, or you want apps that can help you perform any of a massive variety of other tasks, Apps Magazine can provide you with everything you need.

Apple And Android Apps

Apps Magazine provides guides for both Apple and Google lovers. Apple devices like the iPod and the iPhone effectively brought mobile apps to the marketplace and they continue to innovate by releasing some of the most beneficial applications that you can find. Google, through their more open source marketplace, offer a wider range of apps and both provide a choice of free, feemium, and commercial apps for owners to choose from.

Best… Apps

Common article types include best app guides. You may find a list of the best 5 free apps or the best 5 financial apps. If you are looking for a specific type of app then these are especially useful guides and by reading the articles you will often find that there are some unique apps that you had not necessarily considered prior to making your purchase.


Games are among the most popular apps. There is a large number of free as well as commercial games and those that are considered free to play or freemium. These may be ad supported but typically offer advanced play in exchange for the purchase of in game credits. Finding the best and most addictive games can help you whittle away several hours at a time on your favourite portable or handheld device.

How To… Using Apps

Have you ever wondered how to plan a holiday using apps, or lose two stone in a month? This section of the Apps Magazine is the section for you if you want to know how to perform certain tasks or do specific things using nothing more than your mobile phone or other portable and handheld device.

App Reviews

Some apps and games demand their very own review rather than being stuck in a top five. The latest game from the Angry Birds development team or an app brought to you by one of the biggest developing social networks, for example, may earn itself its very own review in one of the latest issues of Apps Magazine.

Paper And Digital Magazine Publications

Apps Magazine now comes in both a paper print and digital version of publication so that you can choose how you want your favourite magazine subscription delivered. While the digital download is more convenient, many people would still prefer to enjoy the tangible benefits that are only offered by a paper print publication. With a subscription to Apps Magazine you can enjoy having your favourite tech magazine delivered directly to your door every month so that you never need to miss out on any issue.

Apps Magazine

The monthly Apps Magazine publication is highly desirable and very beneficial. It is a great magazine for you, whether you own a mobile phone or tablet PC and whether you prefer Apple or Android. In fact, even if you are looking for a choice of premium apps or free apps you will be able to find the best that the mobile and handheld world has to offer with an Apps Magazine subscription.


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