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It is a reflection of what is aired on Cbeebies TV each week so it definitely provides a unique interface between the audio visual and the dimension of the written activity and renews the relationship between the two.The child has not only the opportunity to watch his favorite programmes on TV but also to recapitulate them through fun stories puzzles drawings and other fun activities. It is also geared to provide motivation to the kids through a weekly reward chart that is guided by a theme each week. Not only does it bring the week into perspective but also provides a fun revision of all the child favorites through the week.Of course the magazine has the age group of the child in mind when creating these activities so not only is your child gaining a rewarding education at home through the magazine but also an edge over those that have not accessed the same opportunity.This is a method geared to hold the attention spans and interest of kids so they can perform and imbibe the scholarly lessons that are to follow in their later schooling.

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