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Take out a subscription to Classic Car Weekly , the No1 weekly newspaper for classic enthusiasts. Classic Car Weekly is packed with hundreds of classic cars and parts for sale every week with news stories that matter to real enthusiasts. It is a trusted source of information for buying guides, latest news, road tests, auction reports and contains the most comprehensive and up the minute classic car events guide. . The newspaper comes out weekly on a Thursday and runs regular articles on buying, selling, maintaining and driving classic cars along with a mixture of private seller advertising and editorial articles. . Classic Car Weekly was launched in 1990 by Emap and now reaches over one million readers a year! . Dont miss out, subscribe to Classic Car Weekly today and received the newspaper direct to your door each week. There's no bettter place to track down classic car parts!

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Classic Car Weekly Magazine is Published by: Kelsey Publishing Ltd
Address: Cudham Tithe Barn
Berrys Hill
Berrys Green
Cudham TN16 3AG
Telephone Number: 01959 541444
Fax Number: 01959 541400
Website: http://www.kelsey.co.uk
Email: steve.annetts@kelsey.co.uk
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