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BBC Good Food magazine is made by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and is one of the top food magazines of UK, coming with top food stories, recipes, food photography and inspiring food & recipe ideas. Coming with interviews with celebrity chefs, features on restaurants, travel to locations of fine dining, and the most inspiring food photography, this magazine guarantees you a great food read every month.

Great Recipes, Every Month

BBC Good Food magazine gives you more recipes than you can try out in the whole month, provided you attempt two dishes a day, everyday. Good Food magazine expert taste panellists first try the recipes sent in by the readers and contributed by some celebrity chefs. All the recipes you find in this magazine pass through the strict taste tests by the panellists. The readers of the magazine also mail in the recipes they have, which are tried and tested by the panellists at Good Food magazine, before you are given the recipes.

Seasonal & Local Delights

Good Food magazine tells you about the simple, yet great tasting recipes that require seasonal and locally available fruits, vegetables and herbs. They are healthy and cost little. Great food ideas for everyone, Good Food magazine tells you in detail about the healthy recipes prepared from fruits, vegetables, etc that are available this in this season and at your place. The magazine also tells you about the healthy vegetables and fruits, which are easy to procure and don't cost much. Thus you will learn to use watercress, asparagus, green peas, etc for a delightful meal.

Shopping Guides

BBC Good Food magazine gives you guidance to kitchen utensils, cooking equipments, local fruits & vegetables, etc. The writers of the magazine, food lovers and cooks, share with you their experience of using different utensils, and more. Also coming with nice collection of classified and display ads, you will find the great travel deals, kitchen equipments, and more.


Good Food magazine comes with some nice competitions, which give you a chance to win some nice prizes like kitchen utensils, luxury holidays, cookery courses, gourmet breaks, barbecue (worth 1000), a year's supply of wine, etc. The competitions, all of them are easy to enter and the prizes too good to overlook. You read Good Food magazine regularly. Don't ever forget to enter the competitions, as any prize from these competitions is worth the winning and you might be experiencing new things that you have never imagined. The prizes are sponsored by different companies like top line kitchen utensils manufacturers, cooking equipment manufacturers, hotels, etc.

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If you love cooking, and trying a new dish everyday for the whole year, BBC Good Food magazine is a nice choice. You will find the most delicious recipes, mouth-watering food photography and directions to some of the finest restaurants and fine tastes from around the world. Also coming with subscription offers like free cookbooks, food storage containers, etc, you will guarantee culinary pleasures with a subscription to this magazine. Get Good Food magazine subscription today and make sure you don't miss an issue of delicious reading.


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