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Heat Magazine is listed in under the following categories Celebritie, Gossip, Womens Fashion, Womens Interest, Showbiz Magazines.

Heat comes with mix of celebrity news, gossip and fashion primarily aimed at women. It also features movie and music reviews, TV listings and major celebrity interviews. The British entertainment magazine published by EMAP Consumer Media is edited by Mark Frith along with Lucie Cave. The Heat is one of the biggest selling magazines in the UK, with a regular circulation over half a million.


The layout of the magazine is good with big pictures and large writing for easy reading, also there are numerous adverts. After turning over the cover you are greeted with the index page, this has a comment from the magazine on their opinion of a top tabloid story of the week.

The remaining content of the magazine normally contains in no real order, the top celebrity story of the week, numerous other celeb stories, celebrities spotted or photographed by members of the public, the best and worst dressed celebrities. Also there are film, music, DVD reviews, TV listings, the latest celeb pairings, dopey things celeb's have said and several advice pages on how to look like a star.

Celebrity Pictures

Heat includes high quality paparazzi photography to catch many of its stories. The celebrity gossip stories are almost always accompanied by the appropriate photography.

Celebrity News and Celebrity Gossip

Stories range from celebrity gossip including who's dating whom and who's divorcing whom, to fashion and often alcohol based blunders. It's often said that wherever there's a celebrity there's a story, and fortunately Heat magazine is always on hand to catch that story.

The Celebrity Magazine

Heat magazine always manages to pull some of the biggest names in TV and film. Every episode tends to contain a good spattering of interviews with these stars and really goes for the topics we want to know. As a celebrity gossip addict Heat should reside at the top of your "must buy" items.

Regular Celebrity Features

As well as the news pieces featuring the biggest celebrities of the week there are numerous regular features to keep you coming back for more. "This Week in Pictures" is, as you can probably guess, a rundown of the main stories of the week presented as a sort of picture collage. As with the rest of the magazine, the photos are good quality and always geared towards the most popular news-making stars of the week.

Another regular feature is the "Everyone's Talking About..." article. This is a round up of some of the stories that presumably they couldn't buy as many pictures to accompany. Nonetheless, it is exactly the kind of story that Heat celebrity magazine embodies - pure and unadulterated celebrity gossip.

Funny Features

The writers of Heat are funny and witty when writing captions, which makes reading Heat even more entertaining. They often take the micky out of celebs with their features. An example of this is 'What Were You Thinking?', a double page spread on badly-dressed celebs.


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