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Hello KittyAs a major international sensation and loved by girls pre teens woman and anyone who adores all things the that are cute it is no surprise that Hello Kitty has captured the hearts and imaginations of countless people across the world. It seems as if almost everybody has either heard of or is a fan of Hello Kitty and in many countries around the world there is a cute and delicate touch of the Hello Kitty sensation. Hello Kitty magazine is the featured written publication that holds a strong place in the Hello Kitty world as the one magazine that truly encompasses the lifestyle of their fan base.Hello Kitty magazine is specifically targeted for younger girls however pre teens teenagers and even adult women have all proclaimed their love and adoration for this sassy cool and cute kitty with her popular magazine that screams out style class attitude and especially fun. Each and every issue of this monthly magazine also comes with an exclusively fabulous gift as well which serve as not only fun toys but also as collectible items that readers can get issue after issue. In addition to the fun gift each magazine also contains cool and exciting posters that can really help enlighten and intrigue every Hello Kitty fan.Every page of this glossy and interesting magazine is sprinkled with the Hello Kitty touch while at the same time giving readers everything they would want to know about Hello Kitty fashionable world including cool celebrity interviews movie reviews boy band features the latest gadgets beauty tips and many others. For the girl looking for advice about the perfect slumber party or fun cooking ideas to do with mom Hello Kitty seems to have it all.Considered to be an absolute explosion of cuteness Hello Kitty magazine is the favorite among younger girls who want to read an interesting and informative magazine that is not only catered to themselves but also their love for fun and classy worldwide sensation that is Hello Kitty.

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