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Look is a glossy high street fashion and celebrity weekly magazine for young women. Edited by Ali Hall, it has a unique mix of up-to the-minute affordable fashion, high street shopping advice, celebrity style and news, plus thought provoking real life stories.

Launched in February 2007 LOOK delivered an incredible debut ABC of 318, 907 making it the most successful launch in 17 years. Itís the first weekly high street fashion bible for women and has tapped into todayís consumer society, in particular young womenís insatiable appetite for shopping. One of its most popular franchises is High Street Hottest, which showcases the latest products to hit the high street.

Every week, Look will bring you a sneak preview of all the amazing stuff to suit your budget, as it hits the stores. And also bring you the latest celebrity trends the minute they happen. And just because all love celebrity gossip, look reveals the inside track on the hottest celebrity news. But it's not just celebs making the headlines; look will bring you real life stories and shocking reports from around the world about women.

It has a unique mix of up-to the-minute affordable fashion, high street shopping advice, celebrity style and news, coupled with thought provoking real life. Look is the accessible, must-have glossy weekly high street fashion bible. With the best and the biggest high street fashion it will send you rushing to the shops.

Look Fashion Tips

The fashion section is essential, using a well laid out template with regulars and glossy pics from fashion shows. Clearly living up to the name of a high-street fashion weekly as it shows reasonable tips to keep women looking top without the need for expensive cosmetics. It also features the current stylings from famous designers

Shopping section inside

For a high street magazine look has certainly a shopping section. It is put in an extensive manner. Particularly special prices have been indicated in the magazine. Wide ranging guides list places to shop and affordable fashion from each. It compares the shops and rates them in keeping with the current fashion

Section of beauty tips

This is not a major section of the book but so many tips are included inside the magazine. In a regular feature there is simple exercises that can be done without the help of any equipments or of hard effort. The women looking out for a better appearance but busy are certainly attracted towards this section.

interviews inside

There are the regular interviews with A-list celebrities. These are containing gossips and are well written .The gossip-worthy material and more matured subjects include sex tips to opinions on skinny models.

Why look the best choice

Look magazine is the new women's fashion magazine for 2007, a intensely glamorous and yet glossy high-street fashion and celebrity weekly! It contains affordable fashion, the true guidelines that every woman should live by! Packed full with exclusive news and interviews and thought-provoking articles, all including the latest and greatest in fashion! It will make you run for the shops every weekend. For an essential fashion bible, Look is the only magazine that should be found in your handbag.


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Look Magazine is Published by: IPC Media Ltd
Address: Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street. London. SE1 0SU

Telephone Number: 0203 148 5000
Fax Number:
Email: debbie_howe@ipcmedia.com
Women's Interests:Women's Lifestyle/Fashion


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