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Music Tech magazine is an exclusive magazine published by Anthem Publishing catered for producers, engineers and musicians. The magazine comes up with all information regarding music making and equipments. With in-depth features about all aspects of music makes this magazine unique and special. The magazine provides with details of the best and essential tools and equipments for music making. It has features Software workshops from where you can see the latest version of popular applications. The magazine carries with Ten Minutes master that will help you to learn about small technical area of the music industry.


Music Tech comes up with in-depth features, which are very useful for those in music industry. The magazine provides with all the latest news and information about the products launched. This will help all the music making people to have a deep knowledge about the growth of music industry. With wide variety of features, the magazine makes a very special and unique place in the industry. The magazine also gives an opportunity for the readers to get to know about the up coming studios and its specialty.


Music Tech with each issue covers an interview of famous personality from music industry. This will give a chance for the readers to know about the person and his hard working experience in the music industry. By reading such interviews all people related to the music industry will gain confidence and this will help them to create a musical life.

Ten Minutes Masters

Music Tech includes a two page spread titled Ten Minutes Masters that will help you to have a detailed look into a technical area of music industry. This is one of the most attractive features of the magazine. It is a helpful source for both the beginners and advanced readers. Each issue comes up different technical areas that will be of very useful. The magazine also deals music technologies in very simple terms so that all readers will understand. Ten Minutes Master of this magazine is really a guide and will help to learn more about the technical side of the industry without difficult.


Music Tech includes reviews of the latest products, DVDs and Books. The expert editorial team covers all the reviews after a thorough study. The independent and authoritative comments of the products will help the readers to have in-depth information. The magazine also provides a comparison with the existing products with the new ones. This comparison gives a clear picture about the product and its uses.

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Music Tech is a complete magazine for producers, musicians and engineers of the music industry. The magazine is worth enough to read. With in-depth articles, interviews and ten minutes masters, the magazine has entered into the world of music industry. Each issue becomes more and more attractive for the readers. By subscribing this magazine, one will land into the world of music industry. Do not hesitate subscribe now and have a great musical life.


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