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Peoples Friend is the best selling and exclusive Women’s magazine. It is a true companion of today’s women. Nowadays there is many women’s magazine available in the market. This magazine is considered as an all rounder by all the readers. The contents of this magazine are well written exclusive for today’s women. It includes series of catchy fictions, features of good homes and perfect gardens, attractive and inspirational crafts, news about latest fashion and beauty products, mouthwatering recipes and much more. This magazine is a single comprehensive resource for all the readers.


Unlike other women’s magazine Peoples Friend carries a series of fiction with each issue. This is very attractive and women who have leisure time can make this magazine a true friend. Just do all your house chores and sit with a cup of coffee and enjoy the catchy, tempting and interesting fictions.

Gardening & Homes

Every issue of Peoples Friend brings exclusive section for gardening and good homes. Every women love to read about good and beautiful homes and perfect gardens. There are many magazines which come with just about homes and gardens. This title helps readers to get an idea about everything one woman love to know. It is a valuable resource for all homemakers.


Peoples Friend carries wide varieties of crafts. This magazine helps the readers to be active with these fascinating and interesting crafts. It comes with tips and advices on making quality crafts. If you love crafting then go through the pages of this magazine and find out something which you will love to do.

Beauty & Fashion

Every issue of Peoples Friend brings the most attractive section which is for beauty and fashion. The magazine comes with latest news and up to date information from the world of fashion. There are simple and essential beauty tips by experts that helps the readers to look more beautiful. It contains latest beauty product news which helps the readers to buy the best.

Tasty Recipes

All women loves cooking especially for their loved ones. Keeping this in mind Peoples Friend carries mouthwatering recipes of different foods. It helps the readers to try varieties of food items. The recipes included in the magazine are simple but tasty. Just try it out and enter into your loved ones heart.


Peoples Friend with every issue contains essential and practical tips on various aspects of life. It includes health fitness tips, kitchen tips, beauty tips, relationship tips and much more. All these are very useful and are provided by the experts from the fields.

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People's Friend Magazine is the best companion of all women. It includes all essential contents needed for a woman. The magazine comes with fiction, features on gardening and homes, beauty and fashion trends, essential tips and advices, mouthwatering recipes and much more. All the contents are well written and it is fun to read this magazine. It is a mix of information, entertainment and fun. Subscribe now and enjoy reading.


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Peoples Friend Magazine is Published by: D C Thomson & Co Ltd
Address: Courier Buildings
2 Albert Square
Dundee, Tayside
Telephone Number: 01382 223131
Fax Number: 01382 454599
Website: http://www.dcthomson.co.uk
Email: pmorton@dcthomson.co.uk
Women's Interests:Women's Weeklies


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