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Prima Magazine is listed in under the following categories Women, Womens Interest, Womens Fashion, Beauty, Gardening, Home and Garden Magazines.

Prima magazine is prima of everything feminine fashion, beauty, food, gardening, crafts, interior designing, travel and hobbies. Well, all of them are not definitely feminine, but appeal to no end to women of all ages.

It is quite difficult to classify Prima magazine, except for the fact it is a magazine aimed at women, although several men enjoy the magazine.

The Ingredients of Prima flavour.

Fashion call it a women's magazine if it has female fashion as a topic in it. Prima magazine has fashion, everything from down to earth, cheaply affordable clothes selection to award winning fashion at the ramps. The dress items are wearable and don't make you look awkward in a neighbourhood gathering. The best part is, you can buy them skirts at less than 20-50, boots at 15-60, and tops for less than 50. It is nice to see the fashion pick of the season, which you can actually pick.

Prima magazine also gives pragmatic advice on shopping for clothes according to your physical shape, advice on colour selection and accessories to look slimmer and chic, picking the right fitting innerwear and on perfecting your wardrobe, ready for any occasion.

Beauty care sections of Prima magazine tells you in detail about skincare products, makeup products and reviews of beauty products tested by the readers. Plus, the beauty section also has a Q&A section, where your beauty related questions are answered by an expert beautician.

Prima Homes & Gardening is another section that you love in the magazine. The most attractive feature is month-on-month guidance on essential garden care techniques. It will tell you what to do in each month of the year in your garden. There are also how to articles on gardening, interior decoration, fabric care, DIY projects, etc. You can also find ideas for making the rooms look spacious, beautiful and organized, while minimizing clutter and maximizing efficiency.

Prima magazine also gives you creative ideas on knitting and crafts, as means of great rewarding tasks to perform. Learn the techniques of floral arrangement, scrapbook making, making greeting cards, etc.

Prepare some mouth watering culinary items to impress your friends on a special get together. Prima magazine comes to you with recipes, seasonal food news, information on ingredients etc. Prima magazine also comes with practical advice on perfecting your cooking skills.

Prima health and well being sections come with advice on healthy living, workouts, nutrition, stress management advice, natural remedies, fitness, emotional health, etc. Learn the techniques of remaining energetic through the day. Learn about alternative medicine and natural remedies. When you have doubts about your physical health, mail in your concerns and a professional doctor answers your questions.

Prima magazine also comes with sensible advice on personal finance and money management. Prima magazine also comes with detailed articles and guidance on managing relationships, pregnancy, childcare, etc. There is also advice on how to manage stressful situations like a divorce.

Prima magazine is not just the kind of glossy magazine that you see everywhere you go. It is full of discussions on various topics that are of interest to you.


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Prima Magazine is Published by: The National Magazine Co Ltd
Address: National Magazine House
72 Broadwick Street
Telephone Number: 2074395000
Fax Number: 2074376886
Website: http://www.natmags.co.uk
Women's Interests:Women's Lifestyle/Fashion


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