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Swimming Times is a great magazine for British aquatics is on the newsstand. The magazine is published on monthly basis and is sponsored by the leading swimming associations in the UK. It is an official magazine of the ASA and British Swimming. The magazine contains all kinds of news general interest topics current news views information on kinds of pool frolics including synchro water polo etc. Apart from it magazine also covers a special space on gadgets like swimsuits and goggles.The magazine has given unique spaces that feature sports personalities and reports from all aquatic disciplines. Swimming Times satisfies the aquatic lovers who love swimming diving water polo or synchronized swimming disability swimming because magazine has the information to share with all.In a year 12 magazines are published and it circulates throughout UK. The magazine is just over another 300 magazine available for newsstand. If you want t improve your swimming technique or want to get any information on swimming then subscribe to Swimming Times. Swimming is a high performance sport and is covered in this high performance magazine.The magazine also describes about ASA the governing body of sports in England. It also tells you about the different swimming competition events held in England and how to join the club and also tells you how to become a swimming teacher or coach. The magazine gives in depth knowledge on national team in the form of news articles. It also tells you about swimming experts in UK. Swimming Times also give readers training tips injury prevention tips advice swim camps national and international event coverage.Swimming Times magazine also helps the parents to guide their children in making swimming as their career. The magazine also features great pictures of the events winners with their story of achievements and failures. So it is the magazine for learning swimming techniques for competition results ranking calendar information and photos.

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