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The English Home is a bi monthly home magazine published by Evergreen Marketing. Every body likes beautiful homes and elegant living. There are many who are attracted towards the English style luxurious homes. There are many people from around the world travel to Britain just to visit its castles and monuments. It is really a feast for the eyes. Nowadays people love to built or renovate in the English style homes. This magazine is the best guide for all who need an elegant English style of living. It is a must read for all home makers as well as interior designers. The magazine includes in depth articles on various aspects of English style homes, property news and houses for sale, decorating schemes, excellent advices and wonderful photographs. With all these elements the magazine becomes unique and special to all readers.

In depth features

Every issue of The English Homes Magazine carries in depth and informative articles on various aspects of English homes and elegant living. All the articles are excellent and well written by many experts and experienced staff writers. There are articles on perfect gardens, house and garden tours and much more.This is very informative and useful for all the readers.

Property news

If you are planning to own property or houses then you must go through the magazine. This magazine has an exclusive section for property news and houses for sale. The magazine gives detailed description about the property and houses for sale. It is a best buyer’s guide. You can find your dream homes and property where you can built an English Home.

Decorating schemes

The English Home brings with each issue some of the latest decorating schemes. It takes you world wide for shopping and choose the best thing to decorate your homes. This is very helpful for all the interior designers and home makers.

Wonderful photography

The most attractive feature of The English Magazine is the wonderful photography of best homes, fabrics, furniture, accessories and designs. It comes with fascinating pictures of traditional and contemporary as well as most modern homes. This attracts many readers and they try to built their homes or renovate their old homes. The magazine is the best source for all home makers and interior designers.

Excellent advices

The English Home has an expert editorial board that provides with essential and practical advices and tips on improving and decorating your homes. All the tips and advices are very informative and useful. It helps how to decorate your home, where to place things, which antique to use, and lots more.

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The English Home is the best selling bi monthly magazine which brings all aspects about British architecture, furnishing, property, antiques and much more. If you love to live in a traditional English style then you need to subscribe this magazine. It provides with all essential information along with fascinating photographs. All the contents of this magazine are well written and informative. Subscribe now and enjoy an elegant English Style Living.


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