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The wholesome entertainment provided in its pages allows a child to be wholly amused. The legendary cartoons have made their appearance in such magazines and comics and been accepted with open arms in the society. It is a monthly magazine that is available in two languages English and Arabic.The tiffs and quarrels between the cat Tom and mouse Jerry have encouraged laughs and tears from many a child. It continues to do so through this magazine where their amusing stories are told and retold in new ways. Their squabbles are portrayed in such a manner that the child even though seeing such violence is unaffected by it because there is a possibility of a friendship and redemption.The magazine brings with itself quizzes and puzzles which hold the attention of the children for a long period of time engaging them for hours. Parents find this magazine a boon for their restless children and this has led to the magazine to be applauded for its effort. The thrill of being able to solve the games and puzzles give the child a sense of achievement and thus create an added layer of motivation which increases the child want for such a playmate.The magazine includes various other interesting sections such as the coloring pages and activity sheets which allow a child to hone their artistic skills and vocabulary. By promoting their art skills the magazine tries to use the characters of Tom and Jerry to compliment their style and also help them win fantastic prizes. Prizes are also given away for competitions and the highlight of the Tom and Jerry magazine is the fact that every month the reader receives a free gift.

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