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1883 Magazine is a fashion, arts, and culture magazine but it isn't your typical look at the latest releases or the biggest trends. Instead, it looks at the upcoming artists and designers out of London and the rest of the country, and provides insights into their lives, their careers, and their work. The magazine is new, having been first published in 2010 but it has already grown from being a London based fashion publication into an international magazine that not only looks at fashion but also at music, arts, and film. If you want to know what will be popular, rather than what is already hitting the headlines, then 1883 Magazine is the perfect choice for you.


1883 Magazine is more than a fashion magazine, but this is the topic that started it all. The independently produced magazine aimed to show off the latest upcoming talent that hailed from London and they did so with a look at the designers' work as well as interviews with the people behind the clothes. Readers can still learn insider secrets of those that are most likely to become major fashion names in the future. If you want to be in on the next trend then an 1883 Magazine subscription is ideal.

Beyond Fashion

Fashion may have been where it started but 1883 Magazine soon realised that they were only scratching the surface of what London had to offer. Soon, their bi-annual release covered a variety of other cultural industries including film and music, as well as the arts and photography. It can be considered artistic then you can read about the stars of the future within the covers of the 1883 Magazine publication. Rather than following trends you can find out about them before they hit the shelves, are written about in newspapers, and are talked about in homes around the world.

The Magazine

1883 Magazine is a bi-annual publication. Rather than looking at the clothes that are on catwalks right now, it brings you news of the designers that are most likely to be designing those clothes in just a few years' time. You can pick up names to watch out for, and you may even find a few tips on how to progress in the competitive world of fashion if you're thinking about designing yourself. With other topics including art and music you can also find stars of the future in these areas too.

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