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220 Triathlon Magazine

220 Triathlon Magazine is published 13 times a year and is published for those that endure and enjoy the gruelling sport of triathlon events. It contains news on the latest races and racers, and it also offers practical tips on events. There are specific guides on how best to approach upcoming triathlon events which can be used to give you a more competitive edge and improve your best times, and the gear reviews are especially helpful when it is time to invest in new equipment for your sport.


Whether you want to know who performed best at the most recent event, or you want to hear about new bike releases, you will find regular news stories that cover the whole of triathlon. Since the London 2012 success in the Triathlon, the event has seen increased numbers taking part in what is an extremely difficult and physically gruelling challenge. Greater interest means more news, and you can access it all with a regular subscription.


Do you want to know the latest developments regarding the next triathlon? Do you want to ensure that your training schedule is set up perfectly for taking part in the biggest events of the year? 220 Triathlon includes information on upcoming events, as well as results from the most recent stages. Plan your event diary and your training schedule using the information you receive ever month or simply watch how a new event is unfolding.


With three disparate physical trials involved in a triathlon, there is a lot of gear and equipment essential to your success, while training equipment can also help with gym and cardio work. Read reviews and see the latest releases that are pertinent to running, cycling, and swimming, and enjoy honest and reliable reviews of some of the best equipment around.


Every event you take part in puts your body through an intense physical workout, and one of the key elements of training and preparation that should not be overlooked is that of sports nutrition. You should tailor your own diet to meet the needs of your own regime, but you can pick up tips and guides on how best to achieve optimal nutrition with a regular magazine subscription.


It is impossible to simply jump right into competitive triathlon events, and you will need to train hard and regularly for any event. Typically, an athlete will excel at a particular event but may struggle in other areas. Customising your training regime according to your strengths and weaknesses will help you achieve the best results and ensure that you stay fit and healthy throughout the year.

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