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3D Artist Magazine provides practical inspiration to 3D artists. Whether you are a seasoned game character designer, or are studying to become a professional technology designer, a subscription to the magazine can provide you with information on the latest news and reviews while giving you insightful commentaries and editorial pieces on the 3D art world. By subscribing you enjoy access to every issue, delivered directly to your door, while enjoying a reduction in the cover price of the magazine.


The 3d world is a burgeoning world of design and art. More and more companies are turning to those that have experience in applying three dimensional design to their work, and although digital artistry is favoured in a lot of cases, there is also high demand for those that still practice their art using pen and paper. 3D Artist Magazine offers news commentary on all of the pieces that are relevant to you, as an artist, including news of upcoming releases and any events and trade shows that you might be interested in visiting.


CAD packages may seem outdated, but vector design and 3D design software is not only alive and kicking, but expanding and evolving. Gone are the days when you need a virtual supercomputer to be able to create vast, lifelike three dimensional drawings, and even some of the better home computers and laptops can power effective and efficient software. Read reviews of the latest software releases, as well as reviews of other relevant items including books and collections of sketches from your favourite artists.

Talent Showcase

Looking at the work of other designers and artists can help give you inspiration. It can provide you with an idea of how to progress with your own work, and also give you something to aspire to when you pick up your pen or mouse. You will regularly find some exceptional pieces of work from others within your industry, including those that have made a successful of 3D art and those that might be considered ones to watch in the future.


3D art is used in many aspects of the modern world. It is commonly used in game design and in film production, as well as video editing and advertising. It is also used to create lifelike stills, as well as in engineering and manufacturing processes. With so many potential avenues for your work, there is a similarly diverse range of tips, techniques, and methods that you can use in order to create the desired effect that you are aiming for. 3D Artist Magazine regularly provides tutorials, as well as tips and strategies on how to achieve the best look, enabling you to further advance your career or your art.

Magazine Subscriptions

A 3D Artist subscription enables you to take delivery of every single monthly issue, and it ensures that you never miss a useful tip or a collection of stunning artistry provided by the magazine. What’s more, you can enjoy reduced prices when compared to buying each issue individually, and you will never have to try and hunt down the magazine when it hits shelves.


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