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3D World Magazine

3D World Magazine is a monthly publication available online and offline, that is geared towards the 3d artist; specifically, it is heavily aimed at the computer games designer and it includes a variety of features, news articles, and other sections that highlight some of the best work around, provide tips and tutorials on how to achieve certain graphic designs, and a swath of other useful content. By subscribing to the magazine you can ensure that you never miss another beneficial feature, because every issue is delivered directly to your door or to your mobile device.

CG Designers

3D World Magazine has been in publication for ten years, and is widely seen as being one of the best publications available specifically for computer game designers. Whether you specialise in the construction of full 3D worlds or you prefer to create the characters that populate these worlds, you will find interesting and informative pieces packed into the pages of the magazine. Experts from the industry also regularly share their insight as well as useful tips and guides.

Free Designs

One of the great features of the magazine is that it regularly features free designs that can be downloaded and used by readers. Although there is obviously no guarantee of originality when you take and use these designs, modifications and improvements can be made so that you have the basic building block of a new character or another setting without having to start from scratch every time you sit down to design.

Tips And Tutorials

Art and design typically offer many paths to reach a similar outcome, and 3D World magazine provides regular features that include tips and tutorials on how to achieve particular goals. If you are still relatively new to the computer graphics world, then these tips can form the basis of how you develop as an artist, and if you are already established they can provide you with additional techniques that help improve and streamline your design process.

Professional Guides

The proliferation of games that are available on various formats including games consoles, PC, and even smartphones and tablets, means that there are more CG designers than ever before. The magazine offers regular interviews and editorials on some of the most celebrated of all the artists in the industry, so that you can even gain a few tips on how to progress your career as well as your design skills.


The magazine regularly includes a feature that takes an in-depth look into a specific area of game design. One month you may be provided with details on mechanical creatures and their use in computer games, while another monthly issue may offer a look at the differences between design for tablets and design for powerful PC gaming devices.

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3D World Magazine is one of the leading publications within the computer graphics industry, and it provides a wealth of information in every issue. By subscribing you can enjoy access to all of the information provided in every issue while saving money compared to buying each publication individually.


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