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Advanced Photoshop Magazine

Advanced Photoshop Magazine is a monthly publication aimed primarily at professional designers and creators that use Adobe’s Photoshop image editing software. Every issue includes tips and tricks, news and reviews, and a cover CD that offers free stock images and illustrations that can be adapted and changed to meet your requirements. Building a library of stock images is an important aspect of Photoshop use, and the cover CD alone makes Advanced Photoshop a valuable subscription.


Advanced Photoshop does assume that its readers have some knowledge of the software, and can navigate their way around its menus and options. It uses this knowledge in order to enable you to be able to further advance your photo-editing, photo-manipulation, and design skills to create an even greater and better looking library of images.

News And Features

Adobe release regular updates, as well as patches, and Photoshop is used to create high profile images. The term “to Photoshop” has even been included in a number of dictionaries because of how frequently the software is used to manipulate images. Advanced Photoshop Magazine features regular news and features on how the software is being used to create high-end illustrations across the world.

Image Galleries

There are many different groups of people, and people from many industries and professions, that use Photoshop software. Seeing how others use its powerful tools can help to give inspiration and enable you to come up with innovative and unique ideas for your next project. Every monthly issue includes an array of images and illustrations, as well as graphics and effects, created by some of the most skilful Photoshop users in the world. You could even try and have your own work featured in the glossy pages of the magazine.

Photoshop Topics

Although Photoshop is most often considered to be photo manipulation software, it can be used for an array of other purposes. Typography, photo-editing, making improvements to photos and illustrations, and even digital painting are all possible with this one application, and this has helped to further increase the software’s popularity. There are tips and guides, news, and images based on all of these popular topics, as well as a few that may surprise even regular users.

Stock Images And The CD

Most illustrators and designers use stock images to help them create designs and illustrations. If you are looking to further increase your image library, and want a good selection of photographs and illustrations that you can use, as well as other design elements, then the cover CD that is included with every issue of Advanced Photoshop Magazine provides all of this and more.

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In order to make sure that you never miss out on a helpful tip, that you can build up a stock of images, and that you can amass a library of helpful guides and hints on how to use Photoshop, and how to get the best results, you can subscribe to ensure that you receive every single issue as it is released. What’s more, you will even save a few pounds by subscribing too.


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