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Aesthetica Magazine

Aesthetica Magazine is a monthly publication that is dedicated to the arts and culture. It regularly holds, hosts, and hands out awards in areas such as creative writing and stage performance, while the magazine also contains details of all the latest released in all forms of culture. Art and design, film, music, performance, and writing are some of the topics that are covered, and you will find a number of articles and news pieces that may not fit into a standard genre easily. By subscribing, you can enjoy access to every issue without having to miss a single piece, and you can also enjoy savings compared to the individual cover price of the magazine.

Awards And Prizes

One of the things that Aesthetica has become well known for, within the art and culture industry, is for the hosting and presenting of regular awards. The magazine regularly features potential winners, and announces awards in various categories including writing, performing, and music. The magazine runs features on shortlisted entrants, as well as those that won the main awards.

Event Coverage

There are many events that fall under the guise of art and culture, and most of the major events, as well as some that may otherwise have slipped under the radar, are reviewed and covered in detail within the pages of the magazine. If you want to know what is happening internationally, and at venues near you, then subscribe to Aesthetica today to make sure you donít miss out.

News And Features

The broad topic of culture also means that there are many news topics and pieces of interest that receive regular mention within the pages of a single issue. Articles may concentrate on a specific genre of one of the arts, or they may look into the history and heritage of a particular performance or performer. Interviews, as well as features, are often found, ensuring that you can enjoy full coverage of the art and culture industry.


Books, gallery exhibitions, tours, and performances, are just some of the things that are featured in the review section of the Aesthetica Magazine publication. If you are thinking about going to see a show, but donít know which you would rather see, or if you want to find details of a new performance that you havenít otherwise heard of, then Aesthetica is a very good choice of magazine subscription.

Artists Directory

The magazine is read by many people within the industry, and as well as seeing adverts that are relevant to organisers and directors, you can also find directory style listings of artists and performers. If you are looking to put on a new play, or you want artists for an exhibition, then these listings can help populate any event or performance.

Aesthetica Magazine Subscription

Aesthetica Magazine is dedicated to providing all of the latest news, reviews, and details of up and coming as well as established performers and performances. Subscribe today and you will never miss a published issue, and by taking advantage of subscription offers you can also save money on the cover price of the magazine.


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