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Air Gun World Magazine claims to be the best selling airgun and target shooting magazine in the UK, and it is published every month and including news, reviews, guides, and even troubleshooting tips on almost every aspect of airgun shooting. As well as coverage of the guns themselves, you can find details on camo clothing, hunting equipment, and even some of the best places to go and hone your target shooting skills. By subscribing you can ensure that you never miss a single episode of the magazine, and you will also enjoy a saving when compared to paying the cover price of the publication.


While high powered guns require a difficult to come by licence, air guns do not. Anybody can buy one and head down to their local shooting range or target range to fire off a few shots. This also means that there is a large selection of air guns and rifles that are available to purchase. While some of them provide accurate and enjoyable shooting, others provide a less enjoyable experience, so it is always good to have professional opinion on some of the latest models.


Just about anybody can fire a gun, but it takes skill, practice, and good quality equipment to be able to hit any kind of a target. Air Gun World Magazine not only highlights the best equipment, including the best guns, but it also gives practical advice on the art of shooting. You can even find details of where to go in order to hone your skills and practice your shooting.


The gun is really only one piece of equipment that is typically used for target shooting. You can buy targets and target sets, camouflage gear, new scopes and rests, and various other items that are designed to help improve your shooting, make the experience more comfortable, or simply provide you with a decent shooting spot even when you are away from the target range. Read guides, and see the latest information and news on some of the best equipment around.

Troubleshooting And Guides

Whether you are upgrading or customising your own gun, or you want tips on how to improve your shooting skills, Air Gun World Magazine provides regular troubleshooting tips as well as in-depth guides on most aspects of air gun ownership and target shooting.


There are news stories that relate to air gun ownership, and there are regular target shooting competitions. You can find coverage of all the latest news as well as upcoming and past events, details on some of the companies that are involved in the production and supply of shooting equipment and gun gear, and coverage of virtually all other aspects of owning an air gun, even including possible legislation changes.


Air Gun World Magazine is published every month, and is packed full of useful and intriguing information for the air gun owner. Ensure you never miss an issue by subscribing, and you will also enjoy cost savings compared to the price of buying every issue individually.


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