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Air Gunner magazine is UK's top selling magazine for novice and expert airgun enthusiasts. News, expert tips, DIY projects, hunting, tools, collecting, gun reviews, product news, test reports, field news, etc by expert testers and professional air gunners Air Gunner is a wholesome magazine for everyone who loves to take it out to the open air, targeting small pests or some nice game. Air Gunner magazine has all the features and articles you will ever want, to improve your shooting and hunting skills.

Air Gunner News

Air Gunner magazine gives you a quick roundup of what is going on in the world of airgun. You will read about everything you love, from new air guns, manufacturer news, legislations, developments, etc in the world of air guns.

Expert Tips & Advice

Expert air gunners share with you all their secrets of improving accuracy and better enjoying the sport. You will read about everything from proper handling of your gun to setting the scope. These expert tips and advice help novices improve their technique and experts fine tune their knowledge and expertise. There is always something new to learn, even for the most advanced gunners and snipers and Air Gunner magazine never lets you down.

Gun Reviews

Air Gunner magazine comes with reviews on all the latest equipments brought out by manufacturers around the world. You keep yourselves updated to all the latest guns, cartridges, scope, etc. You will also find product tests by expert gunners, who share with you their experience with the new products that were launched in the market in the recent past.

Field Reports, Travel Stories

How some air gunners survived the wilderness, winds and cold climate you will read in detail the very best of travel news and air gun adventures. This is the only magazine of its kind, coming with some amazing hunting stories. These passionately written hunting stories are both inspiring and informational.

Personality Profiles

Readers of Air Gunner magazine also read in detail about the achievements and thrills in the hunting and gunning life of some of the most enthusiastic gunners of the world.

Swap Shop

For those air gunners who like to trade their existing guns for newer ones can benefit from the listing of airguns by other readers. You will also find loads of bargain deals for the guns you have been waiting for several months or even years. It is quite a nice place to find new and used guns and equipment.


Competitions conducted by Air Gunner magazine are always worth the try, as they entitle you to win some nice tool kits, books, etc. The free to enter competitions ensure you have a chance to win some amazing prizes, like a Webley Raider 10 Combo air rifle.

For Gunners, Air Gunner Magazine is a Great Choice

With the best news coverage, product launches, tests, travel news, expert tips, advice and everything else you want in your outdoor shooting life, Air Gunner magazine is the first choice magazine for everyone from novice of expert air gunners.


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