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Airliner World Magazine

Airliner World magazine is able to boast being the world’s largest commercial airline magazine, with the most subscribers. Offering regular news, editorials, as well as details on upcoming and past events, the magazine is delivered monthly, and with a subscription package you can ensure that you never miss a single episode of the glossy paged publication. Other regular features include details on the latest aviation training methods, accident reports, and historical pieces that chronicle the commercial aviation industry and its major players.

Commercial Airline News

There are hundreds of different commercial airlines throughout the world, and every one has its own story and its own relevant news stories. Airliner World not only contains the biggest stories from the best known airlines, but includes pieces of interest from some of the lesser known organisations too. As a global magazine, the news stories are not only relevant to UK based airline companies, either, but to those from every continent.

Latest Launches And Deals

Airlines take delivery of new planes all the time, and while many of these deliveries may not be ground-breaking or newsworthy, there are some that are sure to pique the interest of industry insiders. Order cancellations, delivery of innovative or trend starting planes, and the first flights of some of these planes are recorded and published within the pages of the monthly publication.

Historical Chronicles

Air travel and commercial flights have opened up global borders, and they have helped people to travel more easily and more freely from one country to another. In some instances, they have effectively freed up political borders, and Airliner Monthly magazine chronicles some of the most important airlines, and aeroplanes, from bygone years. Whether you’re a history buff, or you simply love planes and the impact they have had on mankind, you will enjoy reading this regular feature.

Air Shows And Exhibitions

Many air shows take place around the country every single year, including some of the biggest like Farnborough as well as smaller events. Industry exhibitions are also a common find in the aviation diary, and these events can prove popular not only with those that work and operate within the industry, but with potential business partners, families, and members of the public.

Accident Reports

Unfortunately, aviation accidents do happen, and while the majority are thankfully innocuous and relatively small, there are some that hit major headlines too. Airliner Monthly includes detailed reports on the accidents that don’t make major news headlines, as well as those like Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, which was involved in an incident over the Ukraine.

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with regular pullouts and other features, Airliner Monthly magazine is a great read for anybody with an interest in aviation, commercial aviation, or airliners and airlines in general. By subscribing, you can ensure that every issue arrives on your doorstep as soon as it is published, and you can also enjoy discounts when compared to paying the cover price for every single publication that they launch.


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