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It isnít just kids that dream of blasting into space and there are many men and women around the world that would love nothing more than the opportunity to fly into space. For the majority of us, this dream is unlikely to become reality. However, we can still study the stars and watch interstellar and planetary occurrences that happen around us every single night.

With the All About Space Magazine we can enjoy access to information on the latest of these events and ways in which we can further improve the experience that we enjoy. As well as topical news, there is news on upcoming events, there are interviews, and there are relevant product news and reviews. You will also find competitions and by subscribing you can be certain that you receive access to all of them as soon as they are released or announced.

Solar System And Stellar News

There are major events happening all around the solar system and the rest of the universe every single night. No matter how keen you are, without the collective resources that the likes of NASA can boast, it is unlikely that you will be prepared and ready to witness such amazing sights. With All About Space magazine you can learn of upcoming events, why they happen, and their impact, and you can also see top quality photos and images of past experiences.

Topics Covered

There are many areas of space and different people may have markedly different areas of interest that they wish to read about and to study. All About Space Magazine covers every topic from space exploration to some applied and theoretical physics. You can find information on past missions, future developments, and more surrounding the space programs that various countries run too.

Events And Exhibitions

Space holds massive fascination with a large group of people and even with what is comparatively limited first hand experience of what is out there, we still love to dream. All About Space Magazine lists, previews, and reviews some of the industryís biggest events including exhibitions, seminars, and more. Whether you like to meet others with similar interests or you want to meet astronauts and physicists, such events can prove a truly incredible experience.

Solar Events, Calendar, And Planner

Of course, not all events are earthbound and there are those that occur on other planets, stars, and other areas of the galaxy. With a regular subscription to All About Space you can find about these latest occurrences. You will be given dates and times to mark in your own diary so that you will be prepared for what could turn out to be major events. With a subscription you never need to miss out on any such event.


Famous physicists, astronomers, and astronauts talk to All About Space every month. Sir Patrick Moore gave one of his last interviews to the magazine and whether you want to learn about historical facts, the theory that drives discoveries, or the future of space and stellar travel, you will find interviews with some of the leading experts in these and many other fields. Subscribe today and you can have every issue delivered direct to the door of your home or workplace every single month.

All About Space Magazine

All About Space magazine is a monthly publication that offers all of the latest news, reviews, interviews, and articles on space, the planets, and the rest of the universe. You can also find related news stories that bear a major influence on these events and this means that you can stay ahead of the space world, watch major events unfold, and be abreast of the latest changes and challenges that exist.


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