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Amateur Gardening Magazine

Many of us enjoy an attractive garden filled with beautiful flowers, lush grass, and attractive trees, but we canít all have the skills of a professional gardener like Alan Titchmarsh. Fortunately, Amateur Gardening Magazine provides monthly tips and guides, as well as informative and interest news articles, that are ideal for the amateur gardener.

The content is not overly complex, aimed at the amateur that wants to be able to take better care of their own patch and not at the professional gardener that has a portfolio of areas to maintain. Published monthly, you can enjoy a price reduction by taking advantage of long term subscription offers, which will also ensure that every single issue arrives on your doorstep as soon as it is published.

How To Guides

The primary focus of the monthly magazine is to provide actionable and useful information to homeowners that want to better care for their own gardens, lawns, and even allotments. This means that there are plenty of how to guides, that cover everything from lawn care to growing vegetables from seeds.

Top Tips

As well as guides that walk you through the process of caring for your garden from the first plants to ongoing maintenance, you can read tips from the pros that will help you to get the very best results from your gardening and landscaping efforts. You may find a list of tips on how to prevent slugs from decimating your hosta or tips on choosing the best colour plants for a particular type of garden.

Seasonal Instructions

Thereís always something to be doing in the garden, that will benefit the plants, the wildlife, and the people that frequent the area. However, as amateur gardeners, few of us know exactly what we should be doing, whether we should be dead heading or seeding, and which plants are best placed in the ground during a particular month. Amateur Gardening Magazine provides you with an actionable timetable of what you should be doing, and why.

Buying Guides

It isnít just the plants, grass, trees, and shrubs that you will need to buy to keep your garden looking the best possible. Independent reviews from Amateur Gardening can provide you with access to details on the best of many different types of item, ranging from knee pads to tree saws, and from hedge cutters to ride on mowers.

Inspiration And Ideas

The magazine benefits from beautifully photographed examples, and you can use the pictures as well as the garden designs and other illustrations that are provided in order to give you inspiration on how to upgrade, update, or generally maintain your garden. While it may not be possible to exactly follow plans that have been created for another personís garden, they can give you excellent and thoughtful ideas.

Why Subscribe?

Amateur Gardening magazine is a monthly publication that is geared towards the homeowner or tenant that wants to enjoy the best looking garden possible themselves. There are many tips, guides, and informative articles, and by subscribing you can be sure that you are always on top of the planting diary, and ahead of your growing schedule.


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