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Amateur Photographer magazine, published by IPC Media UK is the weekly magazine that comes with photography techniques, photography equipment reviews and profiles of photographers who take nice photographs that fetch high prices. Amateur Photographer magazine is world's oldest photography magazine, with its history running back to 10 October, 1884. Though the magazine is titled 'Amateur', professional photographers consider this magazine as their 'bible'. Over several generations, Amateur Photographer magazine has helped photographers learn the art and perfect their skills.

Equipment Reviews and New Product Listings

Amateur Photographer magazine has its advantages as a weekly magazine, as the readers of this magazine always get a closer view of new cameras, lens, lighting systems, battery, tripods, or any photography equipment faster than anyone else. Amateur Photographer magazine thus make sure its readers are always updated to the latest developments in the world of photography. Since Amateur Photographer magazine enjoys a religious following by amateur and professional photographers, manufacturers and dealers also tap the potential of this magazine to sell their wares.

Equipment Tests

Amateur Photographer magazine also lets readers purchase past equipment tests on lenses, cameras and equipment. For a small price, you can read about the lens and equipment you plan to buy in the near future. There are over 9000 product tests from the past, from which you can choose the equipment tests relevant to you.

News Coverage

Amateur Photographer magazine comes with weekly updates of news from the world of photography. You will read about new photography competitions conducted by different organizations, product launches, camera club meetings and other events. Every new pulse in the world of photography is covered in detail, you keep yourself updated to the major developments taking place in the world of film and digital photography.

Practical Tips on Photography Techniques

Every issue of Amateur Photographer magazine comes with pragmatic tips to improve your photography skills. You get practical tips on exposure control, manual focus, shutter speed, choosing subjects, action photography, and photography of whatever type. There are simple things that you can use today to give your photographs that extra bit of colour depth, sharpness and perfection in composition.

Amateur Photographer of the Year Competition

This is the major annual competition by Amateur Photographer magazine, and is open to anyone who earns less than 10% of his or her income from photography (to restrict the competition to amateurs).

Photography Criticism

Readers of Amateur Photographer magazine send in their photography works, which are viewed with a pair of critical eyes by the editors, who suggest you the things you can do to improve your photography. Listen to the words of wisdom and you know you have better chances of coming up with well formed photographs.

Amateur Photographer Magazine –the Preferred Magazine for Amateurs and Professionals

Anyone who enjoys using his or her camera finds Amateur Photographer magazine the most helpful. Coming with photography equipment release news, equipment tests, photography tips and personality profiles – this magazine has everything that a photographer needs.


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Amateur Photographer Magazine is Published by: IPC Media Ltd
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