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Since Google first launched the Android operating system it has undergone various and numerous upgrades, expansions, and apparent improvements. It is the preferred mobile operating system for many people, including app developers, and there is a surprising range of features, benefits, and even gimmicks to keep the average mobile phone and tablet PC user happy. Android Magazine is a monthly publication which highlights all of the latest news from the world of Android with news on updates and device releases as well as tips, comparisons, and guides on how to get the most from your Android powered device.

Android News

The freedom of the Android operating system is such that there are many app developers as well as phone and mobile device users who love it. There is also a lot of news regarding the latest releases and patches, devices that are sporting the Android device, and app updates and releases. If you really love Android then you will want to stay on top of all this information. If you're a developer then it's vital that you do so.

New Devices

The popularity and affordability of the Android device, along with its open source framework, is such that manufacturers have taken to it with great aplomb. New mobile phones and smartphones, as well as a gamut of laptops, netbooks, and tablet PCs are all being released using the Android operating system and this means that if you're looking for a new phone or a new portable computer then you have a lot to choose from. It also means that you will need to read the latest reviews and release information.

Android Magazine

With Android Magazine you can read all of the latest reviews of new handsets. You can also access comparisons between the latest models in order that you can pick apart new devices and find the one that offers the features you need most. Many of the new ranges look similar on the surface but if you scratch through the surface you are presented with some very different specifications from your smartphone devices. With Android Magazine you can read the reviews and specifications of each device to help ensure you make the right decision.

An Annual Subscription

There is also information on the latest app releases and updates, one of the greatest features of the modern smartphone era. To access all of this information and to be sure that you know everything there is to know about these latest applications, you can buy an annual Android Magazine subscription. Every issue of the magazine will be delivered directly to your door and you can enjoy the latest magazines at reduced rates compared to their cover price.

Android Magazine

Android Magazine is an essential read for anybody that has an interest in the Android operating system. Whether you are a smartphone user or an app developer, you can stay on top of the news and you can enjoy some of the best tips, hints, guides, and how to guides for Google's popular mobile operating system.


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