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Anglers Mail Magazine

Anglerís Mail magazine is a weekly publication that provides news, reviews, and updates on the world of angling. As well as guides to the best fishing spots, there are regular tips and techniques covered by the publication. There are details of upcoming matches, as well as results from recent match contests. There are also comprehensive reviews and buyer guides for all the tackle you will need, whether you are looking for a new roach pole, the best bait, or even waterproof accessories.


Every angler has their own tips and tricks, that they believe helps them snag the best catch. Few will share those tips, but a subscription to Anglerís Mail means that you will be able to access lists of tips and techniques every week. The tips tend to be combined into a single article on one topic, for example tips on night fishing, or tips on choosing the best bait for carp fishing. Other topics for tips may include choosing the best tackle, and you can use some or all of the information provided to help improve your fishing performance.


Regular tackle tests, and news stories and product release details, can be found in the magazine too. If a new pole or rod, reel or line, or any other type of fishing tackle is released, you will be able to find details in your weekly angling magazine. Whether youíre a rookie or a professional, having access to the best tackle for your fishing trips will help you achieve the best catch.


Match and tournament fishing, product releases, and other news stories related to the world of angling and the people that take part are a regular find within the covers of Anglers Mail magazine. By subscribing, you can keep abreast of all the latest news from the rivers and lakes near you.

Match Fishing

Match fishing reports have their own dedicated section. If you enjoy taking on friends and fellow anglers to see who can catch the biggest, the greatest number, or a specific type of fish, then matches are ideal for your angling trips. Details of upcoming events, and reports from recently completed matches, can be found for all areas of the country.

Fishing Spots

A good angler never gives up his best fishing spot, but a journalist will report anything that they believe to be in the readersí best interest. Fortunately, this means that Anglerís Mail includes details on some of the greatest angling spots in the country, and there are occasional reports on where to go further afield too. If you find that your favourite spot is getting too crowded, or you simply want to try somewhere different, you can consult the pages of Anglerís Mail.

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With a subscription to Anglers Mail magazine, you will never miss out on a hot tip, a match report, or details and tests of new products. Every weekly issue will be delivered directly to your door, so you wonít have to waste time heading to the newsagent, when you could be on the river bank or shore casting off.


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