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Autosport Magazine

Autosport Magazine is a weekly publication that offers the latest information from all forms of motorsport, and as well as extensive UK coverage, you can enjoy news, reviews, and information pertaining to drivers, riders, and sports from all over the world. Formula 1 and Rally, MotoGP and the WEC are just some of the motor sports that are covered by Autosport. If you love these sports yourself, then a subscription can ensure that you never miss out on the latest headlines, or if you know somebody that is nuts about anything petrol related, then a subscription could make the perfect gift idea.

Range Of Motor Sports

Autosport is published every week, and comes complete with a vast array of columns and news stories on a host of different motor sport events. Formula 1 and Rally are covered in detail, because these are among the two most popular genres of this type of sport, but you will also find news and articles on many other genres. If there are engines and drivers or riders involved, then there’s a very good chance that it will enjoy coverage in the pages of this weekly publication.

Driver And Rider News

Want to know which driver is leading the pack, or who is suffering from injuries or other problems? Picking up a copy of this motorsport weekly will keep you abreast of the latest goings on with the individual drivers. Two wheeled sports are covered, too, which means that you can read interviews with some of the greatest motorcyclists in sport with a regular subscription to the magazine.

Team News

While individual driver news is followed intensely by fans of the sport, with most viewers having their favourite drivers, teams are also a vital aspect in many of the races. Formula 1 has the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes, while motoGP has Ducati and Movistar Yamaha. Keep on top of the latest team news, who is considering swapping teams, and where the teams lie in the overall standings with a subscription to the weekly publication.

Vehicle News

Motorsports are often used by car manufacturers and motorbike manufacturers to trial new technologies and to showcase new features. Some of the sports also have regular updates on what is and what is not permitted. Formula 1, for example, recently faced quite a lot of criticism for the introduction of hybrid engines.

Event News

Most fans, like the riders and drivers, have their favourite tracks and favourite events to participate in. With coverage of a variety of sports, this means that there are regular updates to keep on top of. There are occasional new entries, and the removal of some races, as well as many rumours regarding the future of certain tracks, while some motorsport tracks like the Nurburgring which have taken their place in modern parlance, as well as in motorsport discussions.

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