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The BBC History magazine is a monthly publication that includes a wide variety of history related articles, features, and other content. As well as educational and informative pieces, you will also find quizzes and even competitions, along with listings of the TV and radio shows that, with a love of history, you will find entertaining. By subscribing you can enjoy every monthly issue delivered directly to your door, even before it hits the shelves of your local shops – an ideal gift for somebody special, or the perfect treat for yourself.


From the discovery of important artefacts, to any news related to history, historical events, and significant finds, you will find the latest history related news within the covers of BBC History. Modern stories, such as the arrival of a new royal, are also combined with fascinating facts and a look at the royal lineage. News stories tend to cover more than the precise story that they are based on, with deep and rich background and coverage.


There is, of course, a significant amount of history to work through, and there are many different topics, eras, and people that might be considered historically interesting. Most issues take a diverse look at the history books, including features from a variety of times and topics, but some issues are highly targeted towards a single topic, giving greater depth and more all-round knowledge on that era, topic, or person.


One addition that regularly features in the pages of the BBC History magazine is that is quizzes. History is more than just dates and places, and although some of the quizzes may be considered more general knowledge than specialist subject, there are those that are much more challenging. Quizzes can prove a great way to determine what you do and do not know about a particular subject, so that you can investigate further and broaden your knowledge in one or more areas.


History books, TV shows, and even films are regularly reviewed in the magazine. Essentially, if it has anything to do with history and has been or is being released then there’s a very good chance that it will be covered in the publication. You can also find details of upcoming events, exhibitions, and news relating to the latest findings that are being put on display in some of the best-known museums and galleries.


History is an all-encompassing topic, and it can cover anything from ancient times to the second world war and more recent. This gives the magazine a lot of scope, but you will find that the majority of the pages and issues cover UK history in more depth than the history of other locations, and recent history enjoys greater coverage too.

BBC History Subscription

A BBC History magazine subscription offers a great gift idea for somebody close to you that loves to learn about history, or it can make an ideal little present for yourself so that you can broaden your historical horizons and enjoy a regular read on a topic that you have a genuine passion for.


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