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BBC Music Magazine

The BBC Music magazine is a monthly publication that is closely linked to the corporationís right history and heritage in the music world. BBC TV and radio shows continue to secure exclusives, and provide the world with some of the latest and greatest music that is available to them. The magazine concentrates primarily on classical music, and it includes a mass of content such as news, reviews, and regular features to keep the reader interested and entertained. A subscription means that you will never miss a single issue, and you can have every issue delivered directly to your door, rather than having to wait for it to arrive on the shelf of your local newsagent.


The BBC has been providing its listeners and viewers with access to high quality music for decades, and they regularly manage to achieve live recordings and exclusives with some of the biggest names in the music industry. As well as the latest pop and cultural music and news, they are also well known for their production and playing of classical music. The BBC Music publication concentrates primarily in this area of music.

Classical Music News

There are many news stories related to the world of classical music every month. Such stories may relate to the musicians, to information regarding composers and performers of the past, of the latest tours or shows, and even some of the biggest classic music venues. There are occasional news stories related to the companies behind making the instruments, even. If itís related to classical music then you will find it in the pages of BBC Music.



Of course, the primary focus of the magazine is to keep readers informed regarding the latest releases and the greatest music from a genre that they love, and as such, the magazine is packed with reviews of the most recent CDs and even events and tours. If you want to be sure that you are buying music that youíll enjoy, then check the pages of BBC Music magazine to find an honest and professional review.


The publication also includes features inside every issue. These may include details on some of the musicians, offering a life story of composers, or regarding some of the venues or other features that are important to good music.

TV And Radio Listings

As a BBC published magazine, there is a strong emphasis on the TV and radio stations that the corporation has to offer, and specifically on the shows that are relevant and pertinent to classical music lovers. Read the magazine to find out when the next show is on so that you can see it or record it and enjoy it at your own leisure.

BBC Music Subscription

With a subscription to BBC Music magazine, you can enjoy access to all the latest news, reviews, and insightful features related to the classical music genre delivered directly to your door. You wonít miss an issue, you will enjoy every magazine delivered directly to your door, and you will be able to access the contents before they even hit newsagents shelves.


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