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Back Street Heroes Magazine

Back Street Heroes magazine is a monthly publication that is dedicated to custom bikes, offering reviews of parts and tools, as well as details on how some of the best looking custom bikes have been made. There are regular galleries, features of some of the best looking and most unique bikes, and there are regular fictional pieces included too. The magazine has been published for more than 30 years, since the first issue hit shelves back in 1983. Back Street Heroes is not a typical bike magazine, and mainstream bike lovers are unlikely to enjoy it as much as the hard core element, purveying everything that is good about the sex, drugs, and rock & roll of biking.


Obviously, the major feature of the Back Street Heroes publication is the high quality and unique bikes. Every issue includes great looking photos, as well as extensive galleries that not only feature the best bikes, but their riders too. Images also accompany the features in the magazine, so there are pictures that detail how to get the best customised features on your bike, and even pictures from some of the latest bike meets.

Featured Bikes

Back Street Heroes is not a typical bike magazine, and it won’t feature the latest sports bike. It may rarely include a few choppers and some of the basic model bikes that are commonly bought to customise. The featured bikes section is, however, awash with bikes that have been lovingly and often artistically created by readers and professionals from the customisation world. If you love unique bikes, then Back Street Heroes magazine is the monthly read for you.

Customising Techniques

Regular readers of the magazine include those that love to get their hands dirty and create their own customised rides. As such, there are large sections of the magazine that are dedicated to highlighting some of the many and various techniques that are required in this specialist field. From casting to painting, you will find it all on your doorstep with a subscription to the publication.


The magazine is unique in many ways, and as well as featuring the bikes and techniques that might not ordinarily get into mainstream publications, it is also the only bike magazine that has a regular fiction section included. Read some of the best work from readers as well as editorial staff.

Custom Bike Culture And Events

Bike customising is more popular than the outside world might think, and this means that there are many bikes to look at and numerous techniques to learn. There is also a strong side culture that accompanies the bike customisation world, and this is detailed and highlighted within the pages of the magazine. Read about music, films, and upcoming meets and rally events that you can enjoy.

Back Street Heroes Subscription

With a subscription to Back Street Heroes magazine, you can ensure that every monthly issue is delivered directly to your door even before it arrives on the shelves in shops. Never miss out on a gallery, featured bike, or fictional story and also enjoy savings when compared to paying the cover price of the magazine.


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