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Blackhair Magazine

Blackhair Magazine is a monthly lifestyle, fashion, and hairstyle magazine that is geared specifically towards black women. It contains news, reviews, and details of some of the best styles and stylists. The magazine runs its own awards, that not only honour the leading names in hairstyling and fashion, but also give readers great ideas.

Although hair is the primary focus of the magazine, there are regular features and articles that look at the world of fashion, in general, along with celebrities, makeup, and even how to guides that are dedicated to helping readers achieve a particular look. The latest trends, as well as some of the less mainstream fashion items are covered in the magazine, and only with a subscription can you be sure that you will never miss out on single piece in any of the magazine issues.


As the title suggests, hair is the primary focus of the magazine, and every issue includes features ranging from details of the latest celebrity haircuts and styles, to how-to guides that are designed to enable the reader to achieve similar, or the same, looks. There are also details of some of the best salons, along with information on the work that they have done, and more. If you love news and information on hair, then this is a great choice of magazine, whether your interest is a professional one or a personal one.


No matter how good the hairstyle, if you donít have the makeup and the look to go with it, it can prove a disaster. Blackhair magazine doesnít just provide hairstyle details, but some of the freshest makeup and beauty looks too. You can read reviews of the latest items, as well as guides on how to achieve the look that you want, whether it is for going out and going to work.


Hair and beauty go hand in hand with fashion, and Blackhair editors have amassed a number of quality fashion writers that help to make their magazine a positive, stand-out read. From information on the latest trends, to whose wearing what on the red carpet, and details of the latest ensembles that feature on the catwalks of the world, you will find it all in your monthly subscription.


Most of the hair, fashion, and beauty trends that people end up following are driven by the celebrities that we see on the screen and read about in magazines. Many of us aspire to achieve similar looks, and one of the only ways of really being able to achieve this is to see pictures and determine whether they look good in a particular outfit or with a new hairdo. Blackhair lets you do that, and also gives details on how readers can achieve similar styles.

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