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Bowls International magazine by Key Publishing is the official magazine of four English bowling associations. Circulated throughout UK and beyond, this magazine is the first choice read for bowlers, ever since its launch in 1981. Whether you play at the highest levels of this sport of if you look to impress your clubbing buddies, Bowls International magazine is the only magazine you can rely on for latest updates, news coverage from grassroots, and player profiles. The magazine comes with entertaining, informative articles that tells about the latest developments and comes with instructional articles, technique and tips.

The Editorial

From top down, Bowls International magazine has contributors like 14-times world title winner Tony Allcock. Since it is the mouthpiece publication of the four bowling associations, the magazine is always effective in telling you the latest updates and the best celebrity interviews you can get. The magazine undeniably has the best of bowling related editorial. You will get the best coverage of Bowls related news, latest standings and more.

Instructional Articles & Coaching

Long time bowling professionals share with you some of the best kept secrets of bowling techniques, which you can utilise to improve your game both at the club and at the circuit. You find the best instructional articles and coaching materials, which you can easily add to your game. The instructions are brought forth by professional quality players and you can find the best instructions and game techniques. The instructional articles are written by world renowned bowling champions.

Bowling News

Bowls international magazine comes with coverage of all the latest updates in bowling scene, changes in game rules, technology updates, umpiring standards, etc, for the benefit of both players and umpires. You can find all the latest updates you must keep up to date with, this magazine never lets you down, when it comes to coverage of news from the bowling world. The magazine covers domestic and international tournaments, and tells you about bowling holidays.


Bowls International magazine also comes with some nice competitions that entitle you to win some nice prizes. The easy to enter competitions are always worth the trying. Hot Shots Club, as it turned out is one of the most recognised bowls awards in any part of the world.

Holiday Guides

If you like bowling holidays, you can benefit from Bowls International magazine's coverage of bowling holidays and club holidays. Find bowling at world's nicest clubs and world tournament venues. You are going to love the suggestions.

The Advertisements in the Magazine

The advertisements in this magazine are of top consumer products, leisure holidays, and other cosy items. You can find out about some nice exotic locations, cosy electronic products, apparels and more through Bowls International magazine.

Bowls International Magazine: A Great Read for Bowling Enthusiasts

Bowling International Magazine is the best read for everyone enthusiastic about bowling. The magazine brings to you news on the sport, nice destinations, rules updates and the best coaching. Subscribe to Bowls International Magazine today and make sure you keep up to date with the latest from the world of bowling.


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