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Boxing News Magazine

Boxing News magazine is a weekly magazine that is dedicated to all things boxing. It includes previews of upcoming fights, features on specific aspects of the sport of boxing, and even has a guest column publication in every issue. The magazine offers extensive coverage, including all the stats and figures that are necessary for media figures that operate within the boxing genre, and the magazine is not only popular with lovers of the sport, but with those that report on fights and that need accurate, independent, and timely information.

The Magazine

The magazine is the longest running publication dedicated solely to boxing, and was first launched in 1909. With more than 100 years of history, Boxing Monthly is well-known not only with readers but with commentators, analysts, and the boxers themselves, and this means that every weekly issue is packed full of insightful information. Published and launched on a Thursday, it includes relevant information from fights, and about boxers from all over the world. If itís relevant to boxing, then the publishers are confident that it will be found in the pages of the magazine.


Boxing matches happen all over the world every week, and it can be incredibly difficult to keep up to date just with the fight cards, never mind the boxers taking part. Some of the fighters may still be relative newcomers to the sport, and this means that there will only be very little information that you can find anywhere else. Boxing News magazine provides insight into the fighters, their history, and more details on the encounter before it happens.

Results, Stats, Figures

Fights donít always pan out the way that people envisage, and this is one of the things that fans love about the sport of boxing. Even when the result seems nailed on, there is still the fighters themselves to consider, and surprise results are not uncommon. Even when the result was expected, the way in which it is achieved may come as a surprise. By reading the fight reports, looking at the stats, and enjoying the insightful commentary you can discover all of the relevant information regarding the latest and most recent fights.

Other Features

Previews and results make up the majority of the magazineís focus, but there are regular features that are included in every weekly edition. 60 seconds offers a brief interview with favourite fights, up and coming potential stars, and even trainers and other names from the sport. The Amateurs section takes a look at some of the promising fighters that have yet to make the step up to professional status, and the Fighting Fit feature gives details on some of the techniques and equipment that you can use to help hone your skills and develop your core strength.

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