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Britain At War magazine is a monthly publication that is dedicated to providing subscribers and readers with all the available information about conflicts that have involved British soldiers and the armed forces. In particular, it looks at the more recent invasions and as well as articles that give details on such events, there are photographic pieces as well as accounts of events and battles from those that were involved. By subscribing you can enjoy access to all of this information at reduced prices and with the convenience of having it delivered to your door.

News From Around The UK

New information comes to light across the UK on a regular basis and as well as information on some of the biggest battles, there is also first hand information on the smaller but often equally important battles that have taken place across the world. Britain At War Magazine offers all of the most recent and most pertinent information pertaining to these battles and to the new findings that may come to light.

Features On Historical Events

Features and articles can include in-depth and highly accurate information. You can read historical timelines and evidence of events that may have led to major conflict. Not only does this give you a great insight into the reasons for war but it may also provide information on how those involved felt about the conflict. You can read about the technologies and any developments that may have occurred and become relevant in particular battles too.

Camera At War

More recently, the introduction of cameras to the battlefield has had a major impact. What was once reserved for the soldiers that were taking part has now become vastly more accessible. Black and white and colour photographs exist from some of the biggest battles and these can give an even clearer insight into conditions both before and after battle than first hand accounts and other written information.

Personal Accounts Of Conflict

Personal accounts tend to make up much of the information that we have about historical events and battles. We can piece together numerous accounts to create a greater overall picture and while there may be occasional anomalies, it is these accounts that give us exceptional historical accuracy in many respects and you will find them in the pages of the Britain At War publication.

DVD And Book News And Reviews

There are new TV programs, Sky programs, and DVDs and books released every week that bring a new angle or offer new insight into particular eras of the past. Britain At War offers reviews of these publications in their various forms of media in order that you can enjoy the greatest and even the most accurate accounts possible.

The Benefits Of A Magazine Subscription

You can order Britain At War magazine from your newsagents or buy it from a specialist magazine shop or specialist war memorabilia type shop. However, the simplest, most convenient, and most affordable method of regularly buying your copy of Britain at War magazine is through a subscription which gives reduced prices compared to the cover price of each issue and, because the magazine is delivered directly to your front door every month, you never need to miss an issue again.

Britain At War Magazine

Britain At War magazine is a popular monthly publication packed with news of the latest findings and events, reviews of the latest books and DVDs, and first hand recollection of some of the biggest battles and events in our history. Subscribe today to ensure that you never miss out on a single episode of your favourite magazine.


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