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British Railway Modelling Magazine

British Railway Modelling magazine is a monthly publication that is dedicated to all aspects of railway modelling in the UK. It has been in publication since 1993, and covers all gauges as well as all eras of model railway. Regular articles include in-depth looks into some of the sets that are available, as well as profiles on modelling clubs, and details of events that are coming up.

Product reviews not only include detailed and honest reviews of the latest available models, but also of books, DVDs, and other items related to the hobby. Further pieces showcase some of the best model layouts that have been created, hoping to inspire and empower readers to create bigger and better models. The magazine also arranges three model railway meetings that take place throughout the year and across the country.


The articles that are included in British Railway Modelling cover all aspects of the modelling hobby, and provide invaluable information to those that enjoy modelling. There are details of some of the systems and power systems that are used, as well as in-depth pieces on the history and popularity of certain models, makes, and even the real life trains and surroundings that inspire hobbyists.


The reviews section of the magazine looks at the trains, the rail, and other modelling items that are available. As well as the latest releases, there are some reviews of the more popular historical pieces, which can prove especially beneficial to those that enjoy collecting old model railway items. Reviews also cover the books, DVDs, and other items that are relevant to the modeller.

All Eras And Sizes Covered

British Railway Modelling Magazine doesn’t discriminate, offering details, articles, and reviews of train sets and modelling items of all sizes, from all eras, and in all styles. Whether you prefer N gauge or 00 gauge, and whether you prefer to create models utilising modern, high speed trains and systems, or you prefer the steam locomotives of yesteryear, you will find reviews and other literature relevant to your preferences.


Another popular feature of the magazine is that it includes layouts that have been used by, and designed, by other enthusiasts. These layouts can provide inspiration for your own designs, or they can be used to give you something to word towards. Even if you only use one or two small ideas, looking at somebody else’s plans can prove a great way to help improve on your own design. Layouts vary from very realistic to the completely fantastical, and there are layouts using a whole host of different sets, items, and trains.

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British Railway Modelling magazine is a monthly publication that is ideal for all railway and modelling enthusiasts. It can provide inspiration, give you great ideas on how to progress your own model railway, and it also offers insightful and honest reviews of some of the latest modelling products that are released. Subscribe today to enjoy savings, and to ensure that you never miss out on an issue again.


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