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As the longest serving publication dedicated to self-build properties, Build It magazine is a monthly magazine that has a dedicated following. As well as offering self build tips, news, guides, and useful information, there are articles and pieces that are also geared towards interior and exterior design, home renovations, and extensions and conversions. Guides include everything from buying the perfect plot to sourcing the best radiators, and by subscribing you can ensure that you always have access to the helpful hints, useful tips, and other articles that are published in every issue.

How To

The how to guides are a popular section of the magazine, and there are several guides included in every monthly publication. Guides tend to concentrate on the self-build topic of the magazine, but you can also find guides on how to source the best equipment, how to get the best deals on period features, and more. Whether you are considering a self-build for yourself, own or run a business that offers services to others that are interested in self-build, or are in the process of renovating an existing property, you can find relevant and useful, informational guides every month.

Plots And Planning

One of the most important aspects of a self-build project is ensuring that you get the best plot of land on which to build. This means that you need to consider location, for the amenities and benefits that an area offers, but it also means that you need to choose somewhere that will enable you to create all of the features that you want from your home. The plots and planning section of Build It magazine gives you advice and guidance on how to select a plot, how to prepare it, and how to plan for your project.

Homes And Design

Self build isnít the only way of getting the home of your dreams, and if you are prepared for a lot of work, but donít necessarily want the full self-build project requirements, then you can consider a renovation project. Less work still is required for an extension or conversion, and Build It covers the news, reviews, and guides on all of these areas of home development.

Products And Materials

No matter how good looking the plans, how environmentally beneficial the materials, and no matter how well sourced the features, you need to ensure that every material and every product that goes into the building of your new property is up to scratch. Read how to source, where to buy, and which products to choose.

Costs And Finance

There are many difficult aspects to developing your own home, including project management and timeframes, but arguably the most difficult and one of the most difficult to manage closely and accurately, is that of budget. Read how to ensure that you stay within your budget, that you donít overspend, and that you are prepared for any potential financial difficulties.

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