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Business Traveller Magazine

Business Traveller magazine is published monthly, and as well as providing news and reviews of the latest business travel products and services, it includes guides to some of the most frequently visited cities, information regarding the companies that are closely involved within the business travel sector, and even entertainment for those that embark on long-haul or regular business flights. The aim of the magazine is to make business travel faster, safer, more reliable, and more enjoyable.

By subscribing, you will receive every issue of the magazine delivered directly to your door, so that you never need miss out on any of the news or editorials that are included. As well as a UK version, there are 11 other international versions, and although there is some shared content across every publication and every edition of the magazine, the editorial voice and the editorial comments, as well as some of the pieces and news articles, are geared specifically towards a regional crowd. The UK edition includes articles of interest to those that regularly travel from the UK, so offers details on UK airport news, for example.

Airlines And Airports

Airlines and airports often change hands, and there are numerous news articles relating to many of those that are commonly used by UK business travellers. Subscribe to Business Traveller today, and you will be able to keep on top of all the latest news on all airline and airport news.

Other News

Car rental companies, the latest legal news regarding travel to certain countries, and any other news that is relevant to business travellers is covered in great detail inside this monthly magazine. Thereís even news on the latest gadgets and products that are relevant to the business user; especially the business user that travels regularly.

Product Reviews

There are many products and items that might be considered relevant to business travellers. Laptops, tablets, and mobile phones are among the essentials, while luggage and other travel items are also important. Business Traveller magazine includes reviews of the latest and most relevant so that you can ensure that you always know what is happening, what is being released, and which of the latest releases are worth investing your money in.


Business travel typically means landing in a city that you know very little about, booking into a hotel in the hope that it provides the amenities that you require, and then relying on local transport to get around. The Business Traveller destination guides can help you to find your way around some of the most popular cities, locate the best hotels, and even find the best restaurants to eat at.

Subscribe To Business Traveller

Business Traveller is published ten times a year, and offers the latest news, reviews, editorials, and guides on all topics that interest the frequent business traveller. As well as news on airlines, airports, flights, and even car rentals, you can find reviews of the latest gadgets and other products that are designed to make a travellerís life easier, or simply more enjoyable. Subscribe today, and you will never miss out on a single destination guide or other piece of useful information in the magazine.


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