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Canal Boat Magazine

Canal Boat magazine is a monthly publication that offers full coverage of canal boat ownership. This includes guides on all aspects of boating, as well as guides on the boating life. There are instructional pieces for beginners, for those that have never even set foot on a canal boat before, and there are details of the waterways and canals that owners can travel. The news stories include news of the latest boat and gear releases, along with details of upcoming rallies, meets, and other events. Subscribing to the magazine not only means that you will receive every guide and review, but that you will be able to keep up to date with the latest goings on in the canal boat world.

Waterways News And Updates

Waterways across the country undergo regular changes and updates. There are also canal schemes that are established in order to improve, renovate, or upgrade the canals and waterways of the country. The magazine includes any news and information about these schemes so that you can stay updated, or even get involved in some of these schemes.

Boating Basics And Guides

Canal boating can be exciting, can provide a unique way of enjoying all of your spare time, and it can provide you and the family with unique holidays and getaways. However, if you have never stepped foot on a canal boat, it can also be confusing and difficult. With the boating basics guide, those that are new to the world of boating can educate themselves on the first steps to take, and how to enjoy the first days of canal boat ownership and use.

Waterways Travel Guide

With thousands of miles of canals and waterways, there are many locations and many great stretches that you can enjoy. The travel guide section of the monthly Canal Boat magazine highlights some of the better known stretches, as well as some hidden gems that you may not yet have experienced and enjoyed. If you’re looking to enjoy as much of the waterway network as possible, then a subscription to Canal Boat can provide the information that you need.

Classified Ads

The classified ads section of Canal Boat magazine can prove a great place for you to see boats for sale, or to list your own boat. Other items related to canal boating are also listed, so that you can stock your boat, buy the equipment that is necessary for the best possible trip and to care for your canal boat.

Real Life Boat Owner Stories

The magazine also includes inspiring stories that have been shared by real life boat owners. Whether you are looking for inspiration on how to best enjoy your time on a canal boat, or how you can enjoy the best possible family break on UK waterways, you can find inspiration from the stories of others.

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Canal Boat magazine is a high quality, monthly publication, that offers information, guides, reviews, and more on everything related to the world of canal boat ownership and use. Subscribe today to ensure that you never miss out on any of the insightful, inspirational, and exciting content in the magazine.


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