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Chat Magazine

Chat Magazine is a weekly woman’s magazine that caters primarily to the modern woman, features a lot of real life stories, and also offers tips on everything from hair and beauty to dieting and weight. Fashion and family pieces can also be found in the pages of the magazine, along with a number of quizzes, competitions, and crosswords for you to enjoy. While many women’s magazines concentrate almost solely on celebrity news and fashion, Chat is definitely geared more towards the real-life personal stories of its readers, and subscribing to the magazine helps to ensure that you never have to miss out on any of the stories that it includes.

Real Life Stories

Many women’s magazines seem to concentrate on providing information about celebrity lives and other celebrity related stories, but Chat is supposed to read as though you are chatting to your friends, so it includes stories from real people and offers information to people that lead real women’s lives. Popular with women when visiting the hairdressers, the stories can act to spark conversation as well as incredulity and amazement between everybody in the room.


The magazine also appreciates that it is difficult for the modern woman to live a full, family filled day, while remaining healthy and eating healthily. As such, it offers tips and guides on how the modern woman can juggle work, family, the home, and staying fit and healthy. There are sections on diet and exercise, as well as regular pieces on women’s health to offer friendly advice without judging.

Beauty And Fashion

Typically, if you can stay healthy and are happy, then you will look better and feel more confident too. Chat can help you to further augment your natural beauty with advice on hair and makeup, guides on how to choose the best outfits, and details of some of the latest trends to hit the stores and the streets. With a subscription, you can access all of this information and more, ensuring that you have the tools to always look your best.


Chat magazine has also become popular for its inclusion of regular competitions and quizzes. Crosswords, arrow words, and other related puzzles are included in the magazine, and as well as those that are included strictly for fun and entertainment, there are a number of competitions that can give you the opportunity to win everything from a big cash prize to a family holiday, or spending sprees at some of the most popular shops. If you enjoy the thrill of trying to win, you can combine this with the enjoyment of regular puzzling and crosswording with Chat.

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Chat is a weekly women’s interest magazine that includes a host of real-life stories, as well as pieces on health, beauty, and fashion. The magazine is generally light-hearted and fun, although some of the pieces do touch on personal tragedy and are treated with more sympathy. Subscribe today to ensure that you never miss out on another issue of the magazine, with every weekly publication sent straight to your home address.


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