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Classic Boat Magazine

Classic Boat magazine is the monthly publication that is read and enjoyed by owners, mechanics, and those that are looking to invest in a classic boat. From dinghies to yachts, and from classic sports boats to cruisers and tourers, you can find details on some of the best known and most loved of all the classics in the magazine. If you know somebody that loves nothing more than restoring a classic before taking her to the water again, or if you yourself are a lover of the classic models, then a subscription is the ideal way to access all of the information provided in this top quality magazine without ever having to miss out.


From the latest maritime news to major weather news, and information on impending weather bombs, you can find the news stories that are relevant and pertinent to you, as a boat lover and a sailor. You may find news stories on some of the classic models that you have grown to love, or on the manufacturers that are responsible for producing the parts that you use regularly.


The saleroom is the place where you will find details of impending classic boat sales, including the sale of one-off classics that may be out of financial reach to the average reader, as well as any events and auctions that offer a selection of vessels at more affordable prices. Your next project could be in this section of the magazine, or you may find the perfect opportunity to be able to buy a classic that is in top condition and ready to be taken out.

Classic Models

There are some models of boat that are considered a classic almost as soon as they are released, and barring any major faults or incidents, they will find their way into the annuls of classic boat history. Classic Boat magazine covers these models in detail, too, so that you can invest in a future classic, or keep your eye on some of the emerging trends that will shape the future of classic boat buying.

Equipment And Accessories

From watches to cabin furniture, there are certain items that are synonymous with boating and life on the water. These boating lifestyle items can be as important a part of your life as the boat itself, and Classic Boat offers news, the latest reviews, and product launch details for some of the finest and some of the best of these models.

Notes And Guides

Class notes give precise details of the functions and the specifics of different types of vessel, and each issue of Classic Boat includes a different class of boat along with relevant notes and observations. You will also find guides that are pertinent to the buyer and the mechanic of old classic models.

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Classic Boat magazine is a monthly publication that serves the classic boat owning community with news, reviews, and related stories. Subscribe today and you will have every monthly issue of the magazine delivered directly to your door, so that you will never miss out on an important piece of information, or a handy guide, again.


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