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Classic Military Vehicle Magazine

Classic Military Vehicle magazine is a monthly publication that is dedicated to the historian, the vehicle lover, and the military fan. It covers a whole range of military vehicles and from WW1 right up to the current date. As well as tanks and Armoured Personnel Carriers, you can find details of amphibious vehicles, jeeps, and even steam powered vehicles, as well as those that were operated on tracks and in the air. As well as British vehicles, you will also find price guides, buyers’ guides, and even in-depth reviews and histories of some of the best known and most loved models, as well as a few that are less well known. A subscription means that you can be sure of receiving every monthly issue, without having to head out to your local newsagent to buy it.

Historical Eras

The Classic Military Vehicle publication includes vehicles from all significant eras in history. Although there were typically a greater number of models and specific units used during times of conflict, there have been hundreds of models of military vehicle that might be considered mainstream. The British Army first used tanks in conflict in 1916, during the First World War, and their combination of virtually impregnable defence, convenience, and the ability to attach heavy weaponry has made them an extremely common sight on battlefields ever since.

Vehicle Range

Furthermore, most countries have had their own modified versions of military vehicles, and even when a country has bought vehicles from another military nation, they would make their own modifications, they would use their own camouflage and flag, and they may be provided with a different version to the vehicles deployed in their country of origin. This means that there may be hundreds of different vehicles, of different types, in use around the world at any time. Classic Military Vehicle magazine offers reviews, details, and guides on a large range of these vehicles in every issue.

Vehicle History

Each issue will typically include specific information, historical details, and precise data and guides on one or more historical or current models. Special editions of the magazine may take a considered approach by comparing several models, while some anniversary issues include a number of different vehicle types from the same conflict or era, or from a particular manufacturer or company.

Restoration Guides

The magazine also offers a range of guides for the avid reader. Price guides, guides on how best to buy and restore a particular type of vehicle, or spotting guides that provide accurate differences between similar models are just some of the most common types of guide. There are lists of shows, entry details for exhibitions, and many other details that are relevant to the military vehicle aficionado and fan.

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